Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb blinds

From SofiDecora

Do you like Lizard? There is one..

 Hello, you! I am a little lizard-Bill.
I can climb up to the   top of window as fast I can when I find flies  there.
Wow.. flies are gone, down to the bottom to catch others now.

So, here is the real story. Actually, I am talking about one new type of  cellular honeycomb blinds ....

Hello, you again! So ,my name also "Little lizard", but I am a window blinds--Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb blinds.

I can climb up to the  top of window when you want me to.

I also can down to the  bottom if you want to pull me .


Cellular honeycomb fabric Specification

Backside: White color backside

Shading Rate: 99% 

Composition: 100% Polyester Nonwoven Fabrics + Polyester film with silver coating inside

Weight: 190gsm/203gsm

Thickness: 0.16 mm

Max Width: 3 meter ( 118 inch)

Cell's Size: 20mm /25mm (normally suggest 20mm)

Color Fastness: 4-4.5 Grade