Motorized Day and Night Honeycomb shades

Innovation improves life.

Here is our new product-Motorized Day and Night honeycomb shades.

One of my friend from Seattle says, " I am so mad about the window shade of my office, the sun is burning me when I am working and sitting by the window." I checked his window picture, then I suddenly think about this new shades-Motorized Day and Night honeycomb shades which is perfect for him to solve his worries.

This shade ,actually is combined by two shades, one sheer translucent shade and one honeycomb shade.  When you want sun light, keep the sheer translucent part open a bit or totally, the light will go through the sheer and lighting your room. Or ,you may want darker room and avoid the sunlight , open the honeycomb shades . Also honeycomb gets two types, one is daylight honeycomb another is blackout honeycomb. definitely, if you want avoid more sunlight, choose the blackout!